We renew ourselves with the sole objective of being better.

We are inspired by your effort, dedication and precision.

SAI Better Together

Wanting to be a surgeon,
It can be something that awakens during childhood, or by meeting someone inspiring,
Many times it is a pride inherited from the family
But in order to become one, vocation has to be very strong.

It is a path of effort, dedication and precision.
There are no schedules, no holidays, no excuses.
Once graduated, studies continue like the first day,
with the sole objective of being better.
That is the spirit of the surgeon.

At SAI we take that example as inspiration.
Every day we wake up with the goal of being better,

Our factory runs non-stop, and so does our team.
In order to improve, we know that the most important thing is listening to surgeons.
Working together is when the best ideas emerge, the best developments.

We want to take this relationship even further,
That is why we created “SAI Lab”, our medical education center, a place to exchange experiences and knowledge.

Our responsibility is to help surgeons with everything in our power.
While we learn from them to improve our products and services.
Generating a synergy that makes a difference in the operating room.

We know that the only way to do it is by working together.
SAI Better Together.

We are a leading company of surgical supplies for arthroscopy, trauma and spine in the region.

We offer innovative products and the best service in order to make a difference in the operating room. We work together with surgeons because we believe that it is the way to improve every day.

The new SAI brand image, our communications, service and approach are inspired by surgeons.

That is why our efforts are put in helping surgeons and the surgical team with everything that is within our reach. While we learn from you to improve our products and services together with the aim of generating an enriching synergy that makes a difference in the operating room.

We are very happy to continue our journey together, towards a new and better future.
SAI Better together.