Quality Policy

SAI medicine is a company dedicated to the manufacture, import and distribution of medical products for use in surgical procedures. For this reason, we are committed to satisfy the needs of our customers, offering safe and effective products.

In order to ensure the desired level of quality, safety, efficacy, competitiveness and service, we have established this quality policy based on the monitoring and supervision of all processes that directly or indirectly affect the QUALITY of our products, the safety and efficacy of their use, management, customer service and compliance with applicable regulations.

We focus on increasing efficiency in all processes, defining clear and measurable goals aimed at achieving total quality, through:

  • The interpretation of our customers’ requirements, complying with the applicable standards.
  • The control and monitoring of raw materials, supplies and products purchased, as well as suppliers.
  • The effectiveness and efficiency of all our production processes, including the delivery of our products in time and form.
  • The control and monitoring of production machinery and measuring equipment.
  • The adequate training, commitment and motivation of our personnel.
  • Continuous improvement of our products and associated services.
  • The satisfaction of interested parties as a variable for decision making and thus ensure continuous improvement of the Quality Management System.

South America Implants S.A. – Av. Perito Moreno 845 – (1804) – Canning – Ezeiza – Pcia. de Buenos Aires.

IRAM-IQNET - Gestión de la calidad RI-9000-9887
IRAM-IQNET - Gestión de la calidad RI-13485-62

Whose scope is:

  • Design, manufacture and commercialization of customized implants, sterile and non-sterile, for osteosynthesis, spine, arthroscopy and skull.
  • Design, manufacture and commercialization of sterile and non-sterile osteosynthesis, spine and arthroscopy implants.
  • Design, manufacture and commercialization of associated instruments.

24 MED S.A. – 24 MED SAI Operaciones – Pieres 959, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires.

IRAM-IQNET - Gestión de la calidad RI-9000-14900

Whose scope is:

  • Provision of storage services, expedition, delivery and withdrawal logistics, cleaning and conditioning of osteosynthesis, spine, arthroscopy and skull implants and associated instrumentation.

PC Revision 07. Issuance: March 2024

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