Quality Policy

South America Implants is a company dedicated to the manufacture, import, and distribution of medical products for use in surgical procedures. For this reason, we are committed to satisfying our customers’ needs by offering safe and effective products.


To ensure the desired level of quality, safety, efficacy, competitiveness and service, we have established this quality policy based on the monitoring and supervision of all processes that directly or indirectly affect the QUALITY of our products, the safety and efficacy of their use, management, customer service and compliance with applicable regulations.


As a work philosophy we adopt the Lean Manufacturing methodology, which focuses on increasing efficiency in all processes, defining clear and measurable goals aimed at achieving total quality, through:

  • Understanding our customers’ specific requirements for the design and development of our products, complying with statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • Controlling and monitoring externally provided raw materials, supplies and products as well as vendors.
  • Assuring the efficiency and effectiveness of our overall manufacturing processes.
  • Controlling and monitoring our production machinery and measurement equipment.
  • Training, engaging and empowering our personnel.
  • Performing an ongoing analysis of the need to improve our devices to assure a safe and efficient use.
  • Ensuring stakeholders’ satisfaction in decision-making to assure the continuous improvement of our Quality Management System.


CP Revision 05. Issue: April 2022

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